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Preparing Tapioca Milk Tea: 

8 oz. cup BobaStore.com Golden Tea Leaves  BUY NOW!
2 qt. boiling water
24 oz. cup BobaStore.com Milk Tea Mix  BUY NOW! 
1.5 qt. Ice Cube
(Makes approximately 12-16 servings using a 16oz cup)

1) Boil water in a large pot and prepare two (2) stainless steel bucket.  It is highly recommended to use a BobaStore.com Stainless Steel Bucket  BUY NOW!
2) Put 8 oz. BobaStore.com Golden Tea Leaves into the bucket#1. 
3) Add the 2 qt. boiling water into bucket#1 and stir the tea leaves. 
4) Brew the Golden Tea Leaves for 17 minutes.
5) Put 24 oz. BobaStore.com Milk Tea Mix into bucket#2.
6) Using a BobaStore.com Stainless Steel Tea Filter  BUY NOW!, put the filter on top of bucket#2 and pour the brewed tea leaves from bucket#1.  Carefully extract all the brewed tea by pressing the tea leaves on the filter. 
7) Remove the filter on top of bucket#2 and stir the liquid until the powder is completely dissolved.
8) Add 1.5 qt ice to bucket#2 and stir thoroughly until the ice melts.
9) Remove any bubbles or remaining golden tea leaves.
10) Use a 2qt pitcher with lid to store the Tapioca Milk Tea inside the refrigerator.
11) Ready to serve.

Enjoy your Tapioca Milk Tea with Tapioca Pearls! 

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